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Fingerprint Digital Doorlock

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The above Fingerprint Digital Doorlock is a complete lock set that can be easily be implemented on any existing door without any major modification to the door. Just remove your existing door lockset. Using the existing hole already on the door, install the Fingerprint Digital Doorlock. It's that simple. Once install you will never need to carry keys again.


The above Fingerprint Digital Doorlock can be use in, Homes main and rooms door, office doors, shop, hotels room doors, Club house and lockers, schools and many application........etc.



Memory Capability

40 fingerprints

Power Supply

12VDC (Adapter)



Consumable Power




Ambient Temperature

0 ~ 60 degree C




[Out] 71x254x28(40),
[ In ] 71x259x28

Casing Material

Dycasting Plating

Verification Time

Within a half second


Dycasting and Strengthening Plastic

Advantages in using the Fingerprint Digital Doorlock
One unit of Good & Attractive design and Precision Electronic Lock.
Apply to main door of housing and control system of General gate etc.
No need to carry around a key and a card and also, no need to worry about losing, or someone else using, your ID and a card.
Convenient one touch function.
Rechargerable battery for the main electricity power failure.
Upgraded emergency key function for an electricity power failure and a fire.
Available to install on 40~60 mm thickness door
RS 485 Network
TCP/IP Network
Time and Attendance software
Access control software
DM-CNV-100 Converter
DM-TTS-100 Converter
DM-FDS-100 Fingerprint doorlock
Ordering information:
DM-FDS-100 Fingerprint Digital Doorlock
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Put your keys away use your finger